How to Organize your Closet for Spring

Here we are again… The change of seasons also means Spring cleaning is here and it's time to rework that closet.

All those oversized sweaters you loved so much, the cute ankle and over-the-knee boots, and heavy coats… They take up a ton of space, don’t they? Well, we need to find them a new home.

And it's a good thing! Because who isn't excited about LWD season?

Now, some have the luxury of transporting these items to the nearest closet down the hall. Others, may be limited to just what's in front of them. Either way, here are some tips to help you efficiently organize that closet and create maximum space for your spring goodies.

Bend & Hook Perfect Hanger

Let’s start with asking some questions…

  1. Assess what stays and goes: One way to determine this is to ask yourself, “Do I love it?” This is an easy yes or no. And if you really have to think about it, if this item hasn’t been worn in the past 6 months… Let it go.
  1. Does it fit? Whether it’s too tight or you’re swimming in it… Let it go. These pieces are doing nothing for you besides taking up valuable space. Only wear what fits and flatters. Done.
  1. Anything ripped, torn or stained: Let it go.
  1. Let’s organize: Start by grouping like pieces with like. Blouses and tops, skirts with skirts, dresses, denim, etc. Men, separate those lightweight jackets from blazers, tees separate from casual button-downs, knits with knits.
  1. Lights to Dark: I find that sorting by color is a really efficient way to get dressed in the morning. Zone in on which color to wear and direct your focus there. So, start from whites to dark. And you’ll have a beautifully organized closet.
  1. Store: Chunky knits and delicate cashmeres should be folded and stored in a clear container. Many of your winter items can fit easily into these bins—including boots. Just remember to label everything!
  1. Donate: Anything that's out of style or no longer fits, should be donated. There are plenty of local charities like The Salvation Army and even churches that would be happy to receive your donation. The best part of giving is knowing that you're making a difference in the community.


Hope these were helpful to you. Happy organizing!!